SGU Comics

Back to Destiny #5
ISSUE #: 5     RELEASED: April 2018
Rush and company desperately attempt to solve Destiny's fuel crisis while trying to save the Ancients trapped on board.
Back to Destiny #4 (SGU Comics) Back to Destiny #4
ISSUE #: 4     RELEASED: February 2018
The discovery of Ancients in hibernation on board the Destiny along with previously unknown technology has brought Colonel Young, Dr. Rush, Eli and the others to the precipice of a major challenge in their journey.
Stargate Atlantis / Universe Anthology #1 (Comics) Stargate Atlantis / Universe Anthology #1
ISSUE #: 1     RELEASED: February 2018
Two stories in one! The Atlantis team finds technology that threatens the city, while on Destiny Camille Wray prepares for an uncertain future.
Back to Destiny #3 (SGU Comics) Back to Destiny #3
ISSUE #: 3     RELEASED: January 2018
Vasi and her long-dormant Ancients have taken over Destiny, leaving Colonel Young, Eli and a small handful of the crew to try to take back the ship.
Back to Destiny #2 (SGU Comics) Back to Destiny #2
ISSUE #: 2     RELEASED: September 2017
Back to Destiny #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 6     RELEASED: June 2017
While Eli races against time to repair his damaged stasis pod, a new danger to the ship threatens the fragile plan meant to keep everyone alive.
Stargate Universe #0
RELEASED: June 2017
This special preview is set before the 6-issue Back to Destiny series, based on an outline by SGU co-creator Robert C. Cooper.